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The Most Functional and Durable Badge Holder & Wallet




When thinking about how many items people need to carry every day, we often come to the answer of wallet, phone and keys. There is one thing we always neglect but very important, which is the ID Badge we carry to work. We found so much inconveniences of carrying and using a work ID that none of today’s product have a good solution. From there we set our goal to create a wearable device that brings good experience and can be used not only as badge holder but also a wallet to simplify items we carry. 



Features  GOVO Badge Holder & Wallet

A combination of badge holder and wallet.
Multi-Carry System: carry your Badge Holder/Wallet in any way that fits for you.
Durable and light weight.

Versatile, Durable, Light weight

 The construction of GOVO Badge Holder & Wallet came from inspiration of military gears that require durability and light weight at the same time. “Versatile, Durable, Light weight” are three key principles we kept in every steps when we developed this product.

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Our Products

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GOVO Badge Holder & Wallet_polycarbonate

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