1. The entire life-time cost is less than others. Using flimsy badge holder might save you some money at the beginning. But usually end up with replacing broken ones every couple months. We over engineered GOVO Badge Holder/Wallet. So you don’t need to spend extra time and money for replacement.

  2. It is very hard to break, seriously. You might lost or damage your cards if your card holder is broken. How strong is GOVO Badge Holder? It got the screen made by 2mm polycarbonate while others are 0.5-1mm. The body frame is made by polycarbonate as well. It also got the steel clip … Read more

  3. It allows you to carry your ID badge in the way you want. The revolutionary multi-carry design let you carry your ID badge/cards in many different ways, the way that you feel comfortable with. You can carry it with a lanyard, carabiner, keychain or clip it on a pocket, belt, clothes, backpack, anywhere … Read more

  4. It got a strong metal connector for lanyards and keychain. Why this is important? Many badge holders use plastic connectors. They usually end up breaking in a short time. Some use metal but the connection to the holder itself is weak. Broken connection means you might lost your cards without notice. GOVO Badge … Read more

  5. The way it holds cards is more reliable than any existing products. Most card holders use plastic snaps to hold cards from falling out. It will soon lost its’ resilience after loaded with cards. Some leather card holders use leather pocket to hold cards. It is not easy to fish card out and … Read more

  6. No scratches on screen when moving cards in and out. GOVO’s engineers noticed on some card holders, it will make scratches on the inner side of the screen when inserting or removing cards which will eventually decrease the transparency. Our updated version has two rails inside the screen to make sure card does … Read more

  7. It has a strong and clear screen. The screen material is polycarbonate which is same material used on fighter jet cockpit covers. GOVO’s engineer make the transparency of the screen better than most hard case badge holders by using high grade material. It allows text, photos and even barcodes to be clearly see … Read more

  8. No more fuss when moving cards out. Moving cards out is very smooth on GOVO Badge Holder. When you need to get your ID or credit card out, simply push them out from the bottom, even with a lanyard connected.

  9. It won’t hurt your cards The internal spring holds cards by pressing the side area of the card with round and smooth surface. It will not make damage to the magnetic stripe and photo on your card.   

10. You can also use it as a wallet  GOVO Badge Holder holds up to 4 cards of standard credit card size. You can put one ID card, one driver license and two credit card inside. You can even use the clip to hold cash. No need to carry a wallet any more.