How many cards does GOVO T4 Badge holder/Wallet holds?

It can hold up to 4 standard credit card size cards.

My ID card is thick, does it fit inside?

Yes, if your ID card’s thickness is within 3.6mm and its’ length and width are equal to standard credit card. Please note holding a thick ID card might take space for other cards.


Will the screen be scratched when moving cards in and out?

Our updated version has two rails inside the screen to make sure cards does not contact the screen. So no scratches will be made on the inner-side when sliding card in and out.


Can I scan my ID card when it is put inside the holder?

Yes, you can scan your ID card for accessing doors without taking the card out. For cards with barcode, the barcode can be scanned through the front screen. If you need to swipe your card’s magnetic strap, you will need to take your card out.


If I only have one card inserted, can it hold the card well?

Yes, it holds card well even only one card is inserted. The patented spring mechanism holds cards securely no matter it is loaded with one card or four cards.


Will the spring card holding system damage my card?

It won’t damage your card. The internal spring holds cards by pressing the side area of the card with round and smooth surface. It will not make damage to the magnetic stripe, text and photo on your card. 

What material is the clip made of? Is it strong?

The clip is made of manganese steel which is 12% higher in hardness and ductility compare to normal steel and stainless steel.  

Is the polycarbonate case and screen strong and durable?

Polycarbonate is 40% stronger than ABS plastic. It can endure higher and colder temperature than most of plastics. It is widely used in aircraft and automotive industry. For example, the cockpit cover of fighter jet are made by polycarbonate. 


Can I replace the front screen when it get worn?

Yes, you can replace the screen by removing the old screen and attach a new screen. Tools you will need to remove the screws: H1.5 Hex Screw Drive. DO NOT use hex screw WRENCH since it will damage the screw. Please understand GOVO is not responsible for damage caused by screen replacing process done by customer. If you need to purchase replacement screens please contact us at support@govoproducts.com

What is the weight difference between the Polycarbonate and Titanium version?

Polycarbonate GOVO T4 Badge Holder/Wallet weights 1.4oz

Titanium GOVO T4 Badge Holder/Wallet weights 2.7oz

How do I track my package?

You can track your package at www.usps.com

Why I did not receive my tracking number?

A tracking number will be sent to the email account you provided in shipping information when your package is sent. If you do not receive the number, it might be in your junk box. You can contact us if you are still unable find your tracking number.