T4 Badge Holder + GPCA Carabiner + Free Key Tag


GOVO is partnered with GPCA to bring you this value-priced combo with 2 top Kickstarter funded EDC gears in one shot. Plus FREE “Remove Before Adventure” Key Tag. Now you have all your cards and work ID organized in one place together with a multi-purpose carabiner with most essential tools.

BADGE HOLDER MATERIAL: Aluminum or Titanium (2 options)

CARABINER MATERIAL: Stainless Steel or Titanium (2 options)


– Milled from one piece of aluminum or titanium.

– The transparent screen is made from 2mm thick polycarbonate.

– Durable clip made from manganese steel.

– Spring-Loaded Card Holding System holds 1 to 4 cards.

– Specification: 3.8X2.6X0.38 inches  Weight: 1.8 oz (Aluminum), 2.6 oz (Titanium)


– Integrated steel knife cutter with a riding base makes daily package opening as a breeze

– Philips and flat screwdrivers for a quick fix anywhere

– Bottle opener plus refined Pry edge with more leverage and efficiency

– Independent keychain hole opens up as an option – never lose your key

– Specification: 4.1X2.2X0.5 inches  Weight: 4 oz (Steel), 2.5 oz (Titanium)

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GOVO is partnered with GPCA to bring you this combo. GPCA is registered trademark of GPCA.us

Chosen by military/law enforcement users worldwide, GOVO™ T4 is proven to be the ID holder built with the highest standard. It is the world’s first badge holder equipped with multi-functional clip and Spring-loaded Card Holding System that holds your card securely. GOVO™ T4’s patented features were designed to solve most inconveniences you’d normally have when carrying an ID holder. The Simple-Carry function offers multiple ways for you to carry your ID and credit cards comfortably. Because of its’ 4 cards capacity, GOVO™ T4 doubles as a wallet.

Introducing the GPCA Carabiner. Refining a carabiner by carving material out to build the most-used utility features, adventurers can do more with less.EDC (Every Day Carry) is about adapting your gear to your needs. Striking a balance between utility and ease of carry means a lot of choices between tools to get everything just right.The quick and easy way to maximize the utility of your EDC is with a minimal carabiner but with the most-used essentials.GPCA Carabiner, this basecamp for your EDC is carved from a solid block of fine metal.  Simple practicality and quality craftsmanship go into everyone.


Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Badge Holder Material

Aluminum Silver, Aluminum Black, Titanium

Carabiner Material

Steel, Titanium

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