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Durable Cord: made with 6mm round polyester cord

Enhanced Clip Hook: heavy duty metal clip 3X durable than other regular lanyards

Extremely Comfortable to Wear: round cords are more comfortable to wear

Breakaway Buckle: allow easy separation between badge and lanyard for parking lot entrance accessing

Safety Breakaway Clip: lanyard can be released from neck if caught by machine accidently

Works Perfectly with GOVO T4 Badge Holder



GOVO T3 Heavy Duty Lanyard is designed to work with most of badge holders. It perfectly fits GOVO T4 Badge Holder. When designing this lanyard, we raised the standard of durability and comfort in wearing. First, the cord is very important. Most of today’s lanyard use cheap flat nylon strap which are very uncomfortable to wear. Some use round jacquard cotton cords. But they are only 4.5mm in diameter and not durable. We tested many different type of cords and found out the 6mm polyester cord is comfortable to wear while very durable. The second part that is important for making a durable lanyard is the clip hook that connects lanyard and badges. We use high grade thickened metal clip instead of flimsy bended metal clip or plastic clips. In our test, this clip hook is the only clip hook that can sustain over 25 lbs of force among all clip hooks from other lanyards we have tested. This clip also has a swivel connection which allows user to change the direction of badges.

Additional information

Weight 1.3 oz
Dimensions 21 x 0.5 x 0.2 in


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